Marketing Association x Alpha Kappa Psi – November 16, 2016

Marketing Association and co-ed fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi hosted our first joint workshop last week! The two guest speakers were Fred Glick, the Vice President of OneRent, Inc., and Tam Pham, author of “How to Network and How To Land Your Dream Internship” and SJSU alumni.

Glick’s goal in his talk was to change student’s thinking after they get out of college. He mentioned how only 27% of college graduates actually do jobs related to their major. Because of this fact, Glick urged students to chase their “dream feeling”, not their “dream job”. Glick said that you can chase your dream feeling through working backwards, or figuring out what your destination is and how you are going to get there.

Pham’s goal in his talk was to teach students how to network and gain an internship, just like his book outlines. Pham stated that to network, you must volunteer and attend business conferences with good intentions instead of a self-interest mindset. To gain an internship, Pham explains the three door approach. The front door is applying for an internship in person, the side door is knowing someone from the inside of the company, and the back door is doing something creative to get the company you want to intern for to notice you.

Both speakers were charismatic and funny, giving valuable information to students that can be applied to their career and lives. Marketing Association enjoyed our joint workshop with Alpha Kappa Psi and hope to do more projects together in the future.

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