High Tech Connect – April 6, 2016

At this meeting, members had the opportunity to learn and listen about a local Marketing and Communications consulting agency called High Tech Connect. The two speakers included Rene Siegel, President and Founder,  and Carly Shelar, an Assistant Account Manager. Along with being a mother of three, Rene founded her own company and has partnerships with several big name corporations like Cisco, NetApp, Intel, and Kaiser to name a few.

The main focus of the presentation was a program called conNEXT, this is a program that allows students a free and outstanding opportunity to get feedback on their resume, LinkedIn profile, and even interview tips. Since Rene has been and will be a returning member of the SJSU faculty she discussed how important it is to give back to the next generation or millennials in general.

This meeting provided great insight on whatt job recruiters are looking for. Whether it be a tailored resume, thoughtful interview answers, or even an attention grabbing LinkedIn summary–these ladies covered it all! They both strongly expressed how there is always opportunity out there and everyone just needs to take the risk and take advantage of the opportunities.

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Email Carly at carly@htconnect.com for some resume or LinkedIn profile tips!



Alex Chao

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