Facebook, Blueboard, and Digital Marketing Freelancer Panel – March 9, 2016

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Last night we had the opportunity to learn, listen, and network with employees of Facebook, Blueboard, and a Digital Marketing Freelancer. The main focus from last nights panel was what it is like working in a large corporation, a brand new startup, and working independently.

Christine Higgins, University Recruiter at Facebook

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Christine shared what a typical working day would be like at Facebook. Her presentation included a slideshow of artistic murals all over the campus, all of the work incentives you could think of (an endless buffet for all meals, open seating for collaboration, a rooftop park) and her own interviewing process. Overall Christine had an informative presentation about working at a big organization like Facebook.

Arielle Fuller, Experience Curator at Blueboard

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Arielle introduced the new startup she works with–Blueboard. Blueboard provides experiences for organizations’ employees instead of the monotonous gift card. Arielle explained her main role is to travel around the country to try the most popular “experiences”. The types of experiences she tries cover various types of hobbies like skydiving, pottery, deep tissue massages, and anything else your heart desires. Overall, Arielle gave a informative, exciting, and fun presentation about the startup work culture and why you should work at a startup at least once in their career.

Sam Venning, Freelance Digital Marketer

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Sam spoke about his past experiences with working as a Digital Marketing Freelancer. Some of his favorite things about working independently is constantly learning and being able to travel the world. The main con of working around the globe is the occasional loneliness. On the other hand, Sam expressed how passionate he is about digital marketing and learning new trends in regards to social media, marketing, and analytics. Overall, Sam shared a new and interesting perspective on working as a freelancer and even shared a few of his favorite websites and blogs to learn about graphics or the latest marketing trends.

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– Alex Chao

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