Cisco Speaker Meeting – March 23, 2016

This past meeting, members had the opportunity to learn about one of MA’s very own sponsors: Cisco Systems. This was a great speaker meeting that covered what it is like working at one of the biggest tech corporations in the Silicon Valley.

The speaker was a fellow SJSU Spartan, Matthew Celaya, a current Marketing Project Specialist at Cisco. Matthew talked about the history, work culture, and different projects worked on at Cisco. Before working full-time, Matthew had the opportunity to work at Cisco as an intern then full-time as a Project Specialist. One of the points Matthew made was that you should not be afraid to take risks and make mistakes. As a new intern he shared times where he made mistakes but persevered and worked hard to reach a full understand of whatever tasks or projects were given.

Matthew also described the work culture at Cisco as open and collaborative. This collaborative work culture is in fact one of his favorite things about working there. He was proud of working with the managers with higher seniority and colleagues within different departments. If you do not know how to do a certain task or project, there is always someone else that knows how and is more than willing to help at Cisco.

Overall, Matthew had an excellent and humbling presentation that showed no matter how big an organization may seem, the people working there are more than willing to help out their colleagues.

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Alex Chao

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