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About the Marketing Association

#MAconnects - the journey to creating a hands-on learning experience for our members:
We aim to shape the next generation of Business Leaders

From time to time, college organizations find it necessary to evolve. Both in terms of what they have to offer to their members and their image. With our evolution in mind, we feel that it is the perfect time to update our brand. We're excited to present our new logo and image of the Marketing Association. During the transition, you may see some overlapping of the new and old logo, but this will be short lived. Like us, we hope you are as excited as we are with our new look!

The Marketing Association at San Jose State University exposes students of all majors to the exciting and ever changing world of marketing. By providing networking opportunities with industry leading professionals and colleagues, professional and personal development workshops, potential leadership involvement and community service initiatives, we aim to shape the next generation of business leaders

Our Officers

Our team is composed of students who all joined Marketing Association and wanted to get involved.

Ray Wei

Ray Wei is a graduating senior Business Marketing major.

Thao-My Ho

Thao-My is a 5th year International Global Operations Management major with a minor in Global Innovation and Leadership.

Laura Wences

Creative Director
Laura is a second year Business Marketing major.

Anthony Carducci

Marketing Director
Anthony is a graduating senior Business Marketing major with a Radio, Television, and Film minor.

Clint Johnson

Corporate Relations Director
Clint transferred from West Valley College and is now a graduating senior majoring in Business Marketing.

Alejandra Velasquez

Community Relations Director
Alejandra is a 3rd year Business Marketing major who transferred from City College of San Francisco.

Carlos Mendoza

Operations Director
Carlos is a graduating senior business management major.

Maximilian Khan

Max is a 1st year Software Engineering major.

Cody Bui

Events Director
Cody is a 4th year Business Marketing major who transferred from Foothill College.

Daniela Araya

Social Media Director
Daniela is a 1st year Business Marketing major.

Nate Rankin

Consulting Director
Nate is a 2nd year Business Marketing major.

Contact Us

Have any questions regarding membership, our next meeting, or more? We're happy to help! Send us a quick email below!